Thursday, December 27, 2007

No need of any Telescope...........

Anyone with no problem with their eyes could be able to see Mars with their naked eyes till next February 2008.Planet Mars will be moving opposite to Sun and nearest Earth, has been reported by Thai Astronomy Assotiation(TAA). It has been known that Mars moves nearest to the Earth for every 2.2yrs. Astronomers hope that it will be much clear to our eyes this year than in2003. In 2007 Mars moves towards Earth's orbit in the middle of Dec.. as stated by TAA. Considering the same type of Planet in Solar System,Mercury,Venus and Earth even Mars are facing some problems like volcanic explosions,frequent meteor strikes and dust storms within its atmosphere.Therefore,its surface has been considerbaly changed. It is brightest only for about 30minutes after Sunset.The brightness would start fading from late January onwards.

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