Monday, December 31, 2007

Pedal Top

A group of US student have a new idea to recharge your laptop without plugging it in.Even you will have a great excercise.You will also gain somethimg by losing something.-by losing your calories(burning calories). The students built an excercise bicycle that usea"prdal power" to charge a laptop computer allowing you to"bike while you work" In this gadget,belts and gears convey the motion of the wheel to a generator in the back,which charges a conventional 12 volt battery like that in a car. A charge controller regulates the electricity coming to the battery to prevent overcharging.The battery supplies electicity to Laptop,which rests on the tray a top a swivelling arm in place of the handlebars. In priliminary calculations,the students predicted that a bicyclist should be able to produce upto 75 watts continuously-far more than the 30 watts needed to power the Laptop.Indeed,in a initial test drive,Figari-one of the US based students' easily generated 50 watts while checking his E-mail........

Speech Less Software

A brand new software allows the physically challenged to use a computer by making simple sounds;could be used to paint,play games & even to control a wheel chair. Physically challenged people often find it very difficult or frustrating to use a computer.Now,techies from US have developed a new software that provides an alternative,programmed by using one of the oldest and versatile modes of communication;none other than HUMAN VOICE. "Vocal Joystick"-name of the software developed by electrical engineering tem at University Of Washington,led by Jaffery Bilmes said-"There are many people who have perfect use of their voice,but don't have use of their hands and arms." Surfing web,playing video games,drawing on a screen,have been made easy by this technology for disabled.It has been already working........

Friday, December 28, 2007

New Arrival

Sony-A branded electronic company displayed its new digital camera'CYBERSHOT DSC-T2'which is equiped with 8.1 mega-pixel camera with 3x optical zoom, 4GB of internal memory at company's Head Quarters in Tokyo, on 12th of November 2007. The DSC-T2 also boasts of SonyPMB portable software that runs automatically when the camera is plugged to PC via supplied "UNIVERSAL SERIAL BUS" (USB).The software lets to publish pictures and videos directly to popular web sharing sites.The camera is available internationally from 22nd of November 2007 at an approximate cost of $350 viz Rs.13700.

Now it is not bear, it is Kola Robot

They were searching for a role model for their own, brand new robot.They finally found out KOBIE which was a success.KOBIE-none other than a robotic-Kola bear was invented by South Korean researchers,"it was all because Kola bears are known as lazy and slow animals that sleep a lot."-said Sohn Joo-Chan a senior researcher of their team. KOBIE is a fluffy robot which is made by Electronics and Tele Communication Research Institute.-will respond to touches and voice and which is also even recognises Human faces It has sensors to detect touch,light,sound and posture are hidden in KOBIe's furry frame and transmit signals wirelessly in order to receive signals for which it has to respond,respectively.It transmits its signals to nearby computer,which controls it."when you slap KOBIE once,he acts as if he is surprised.But if you keep on hitting,He shows himself as if he is scared.He also can calculate whether you like him or not"-Sohn said Although, there is no idea of mass production,it costs les when compared to other robot pet.As per the team,KOBIE is far most advanced robot pet ever made in Korea.This will make the way easier,much smarter,friendlier and more affordable robot companions for humans

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Burn the wind instead of Fuel

As the hiking of fuel cost has been going normally with our daily lifestyle some people would be always cursing the government for the same.But come on...., stop this and change yourself.Techies from Germany have designed a sail to tug cargo vessels to sea; technology saves us from fuel price hike,as well as reducing harmful gases emitted to Earth's atmosphere. The first freighter to be fitted with the high-tech sail was launched in the North Germany port of Hamburg on 15th of Dec.., i.e., on Saturday. "It is an important step for the future",-said by ship owner Niels Stolberg as huge yellow and white rectangular strip of nylon fluttered above the MS Beluga Sky Sales,which starts its first voyage in early January.

No need of any Telescope...........

Anyone with no problem with their eyes could be able to see Mars with their naked eyes till next February 2008.Planet Mars will be moving opposite to Sun and nearest Earth, has been reported by Thai Astronomy Assotiation(TAA). It has been known that Mars moves nearest to the Earth for every 2.2yrs. Astronomers hope that it will be much clear to our eyes this year than in2003. In 2007 Mars moves towards Earth's orbit in the middle of Dec.. as stated by TAA. Considering the same type of Planet in Solar System,Mercury,Venus and Earth even Mars are facing some problems like volcanic explosions,frequent meteor strikes and dust storms within its atmosphere.Therefore,its surface has been considerbaly changed. It is brightest only for about 30minutes after Sunset.The brightness would start fading from late January onwards.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Who Cares for tyres?

A newly invented tyre senses damage whenit goes flat or loses treads which makes road travel much safer. Logic behind this is the whole tyre acts as a sensor and sends informations to onboard computers which offers the latest in smart car tech. The technology can also be used to detect faults in tyres before it is produced. Oh.......Man, I gona buy it for my boat............